Friday, 22 July 2011

To blog or not to blog!

Haven't blogged for a while. Main reason being I've had such a lot to deal with over the last few weeks I've not been in a position to 'share' much of what's been going on as lots of it has been of a 'sensitive' nature. Suffice to say I have had to be a fairly strong cookie and have risen to the challenge! Go me, pat on the back blah blah blah.
Today, has been fairly unbelievable. Without going in to detail I have had some dealings with a school where a member of staff has lied to me about my child. Full on, bare faced, lied lied lied! I have evidence that is over and above proof that this woman has lied to me and the school are still going with what she has told them! I'm gobsmacked. Not a good look for me!
I have clearly been niave in my approach so far. I've thought that institutions such as schools which lets face it have a huge duty of care to our children would be the first to realise and apologise for a mistake being made on their part! Not so, they actually have presented me with a situation which means I will have to take this way over their heads!
I can be a fairly judgemental person I think....bordering on the whole 'no smoke without fire' thesis. I take it all back one can definately not judge a book by it's cover. Schools are failing, parents are failing and it's not rocket science as to why. My advice????? Always have faith in your child because no other fucker will. Listen to your child and Always always put them first,,,that is the only rule to parenting that works.
Any way I'm looking into emigrating to alaska....see you when the fog clears!!

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