Saturday, 24 November 2012

Being a 'Mum's taxi'? You're very welcome!

It kinda feels weird tipping up at the end of a gig.  

The bands getting their gear into vans and sweaty, exhausted fans outside still buzzing from what you've just missed. I do this quite often, come in at the end, to pick up my son from gigs all over the place. I never mind. 

I love how he doesn't stop talking on the way home, telling me all about it...'The drummer did this...we chatted to the vocalist....the pits were sick....' It makes me so happy to hear his passion for music.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

You don't know the half of it....but I finally do!

Life can be challenging, that's for sure, and let's face it we wouldn't want it any other way. I have learnt a lot  over the last couple of weeks (yes even at my age)! I've learnt that single mums, mums, parents, are completely undervalued by society. We are the bomb!
When I get to work in the morning I have done a full day's work to get there. It is all about digging deep and I dig deep every day! My life should be the basis of a BBC 9pm Friday night sitcom. It has a farcical quality equal to Fawlty Towers.
The last few days have been difficult, many many children off school with a bug that took ME down, Ricky Hatton (or to keep it more relevant David Haye) style! (He's a boxer...right hook..left hook..etc. get my drift?)
Yesterday, and today I have been working from home. It sounds so easy but it really isn't. I was writing about unbelievably awesome rock legends whilst negotiating a full scale war in my living room over Scuzz TV versus CBBC as well as taking one to college who had 'missed' i.e. couldn't be arsed to get the bus as Mum is working from home therefore can take me to college.
It's a learning curve, I tell myself often, in fact 'character building' is the phrase I use. I have a meeting with my bank manager on Saturday I wonder how character building that will be.
My point is, I feel I really ought to get to it, that we need to change the way we look at people! Seriously!
If you are unfortunate enough to see me leave my car on the school run or nip to the local shop (I love my local shop, they don't bat an eyelid) in the morning, you will judge me without even meaning to!
I don't blame you I just ask that you take your judgement and stick it somewhere inappropriate and dark. You look at me differently when I am out for the evening and speak to me in shades of difference if you have seen me in work or chatted to me via email. You don't know I have five children and sometimes do the school run in my pyjamas, so you treat me quite favourably, without bias and often flirt!
I am not bantering on as a single mum, or a woman, parent or any other label. My point just do not know what the person in front of you has just been through, so if their hair is uncombed (sorry what? a comb?) or they have a frown on, or they don't manage their usual smile that morning (or afternoon) take a second to think. It makes no difference to their skills, value or worth.
Rant over....
In other news...
Just realised I haven't shared my awesome news I left you with last easy to get waylaid.
I found my (half) brother a few weeks ago.. a brother who I vaguely knew may exist throughout my childhood but had that confirmed recently. It really is the nicest thing. I grew up as an only child and now in my forties I discover my slightly younger brother. He is lovely. He doesn't look like me at all but looking at photos, there is one of him when he was about five that could be me! It's kind of weird but it's made my year! One really doesn't know the half of it...but I kind of do now... 
Don't judge and stay safe!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Not my usual post but a review I did on Tumblr for a really good gig I went to so I thought I'd put it on here anyway.

Secrets, Memphis May Fire and OM&Men Electric Ballroom Camden 10/10/2012
I’ve been to lots of gigs in my time but this was one of the best. The Electric Ballroom was a great venue a good size but retaining the intimacy of a smaller venue.
‘Secrets’ opened the set and as they started playing the floor filled quickly and the moshpit was as furious as you’d usually expect from later in the set. Everyone there was ‘up for it’ without a doubt. ‘Secrets’ set was fantastic, the band were great performers and began the evening with a bang.
Next up and after a soundcheck worth mentioning “Shit one two..Shit Shit Shit one two one two..” Memphis May Fire leaped on Stage and Matty Mullins appeared to a roar, the hands were in the air..and a few bodies too. They were awesome, the whole crowd sang and screamed every lyric to ‘Vices.’ ‘The Victim’ opened the pit up which at one point nearly took over the whole floor. At this point it was Insane in a really fucking good way. Matty Mullins was just perfect. This is a good start to their tour.
This was the first time I had seen any of these bands live and after Memphis I had no idea what to expect from the headline act. The gig was one of my best ever already.
I moved forward in anticipation of the arrival of the next band.
Of Mice &Men were greeted with a wave of screams and an utter outpouring of love that I’ve only witnessed at stadium and festival gigs. The London crowd drank Austin onto the stage who presented upwards in a halo of smoke and light. I don’t have many words for the rest of the night. Austin and the band give absolutely everything they have when they are on Stage and they expect the fans to give their all…and we bloody did.
Austin insisted that every single one of us got down on our knees for ‘The Depths’ the only time for a minute or two that the pit dissolved into a sea of people on their knees and the tall iconic figure of Austin towered over us…the song raged the crowd launched up and the frenzy resumed.
“One more song! One more song!” was the chant. We all knew what was coming when they came back on. “This is your song, this is your fucking song. I want you and you and you and fucking all of you to sing it” So we did. ‘Second and Sebring’ pulled me to the front of the crowd and that song that has such personal lyrics resonated with everyone in that room.
The UK loves these bands. Fans in the UK are like no other. The lights came on and the bruised and a bit bloodied crowd left. It doesn’t get much better.