Sunday, 28 October 2012

Turning Forty - and that's not the main event! Watch this space..

So, I turned 40. That actually happened. I am now that age. Which luckily for me seems to be the new 30 apparently.
I celebrated with a night out, a joint adventure with an old friend from school, turned out rather well even though it involved a fluffy flashing tiara with the number 40 in diamante and several Jaeger bombs.

I know the band played a Red Hot Chili Peppers song and that made me happy.
What made me happier was the company, all the friends old and new that showed up and how fab it was to see them all.
I had a feeling that 2012 was going to be an eventful year and it's not over yet, but already so much has changed. It feels like it's all good and there have been dark times but from those shadows came strength and wisdom. I'm old enough to have wisdom now..
A few mornings ago with about five minutes to go till our time to leave for work school and childminder, I was in the hallway drying my sons school trousers with a hairdryer when one of my other sons announced that he had to dress as a Victorian that day. So I cut up a t shirt! That is a top tip by the way, it never fails on any dress up occasion. It then occurred to me that I had an incredible resourcefulness about me. This was a change from my usual thought pattern... usually involving running away with the circus..and that was a positive affirmation right there!
You may be wondering why I don't seem to be on my soap box this eve don't worry I shall continue to blog with that in mind. I have lots to moan about of course but there's a time and a place..
Anyway, watch this space, really do, because pretty much the main event of the entire year happened this evening and I can not wait to share it with you. Just have to share it with a few others first.

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