Saturday, 4 June 2011

If at first you don't succeed.....

Stupid week!
Washing machine broke down again so bought a new one. Men who came to plumb it in and take away the broken one must have thought I was a right nutter...eleven cats running around their feet, me blabbering on about launderette prices and a five year old asking them to get on with it as he needed to get to the toaster! Good job I'm not proud.
Had to jump start the car twice this week and take it on a long run to charge the battery seeing as I don't drive it enough!! I've been walking to school for two weeks which I thought was virtuous on all sorts of levels..swings and roundabouts I guess. Made up for lack of co2 emissions with aplomb on Friday as I decided to go to a supermarket I don't usually use as it's over in the next town but fancied a change (as good as a rest they say) did the shop and as I was at the till had a mini panic that I'd forgotten my purse, all was ok though the baby was teething with it. Phew that was close I said to the cashier 'What a nightmare! I'd have had to drive all the way home!' Of course I opened the purse to discover I'd left my card at home, so it WAS a nightmare and I DID have to drive all the way home, and then back to the store and then home again. I think I handled it with dignity though, that sort of thing can usually send me into a free fall meltdown.
Talking of meltdowns did get fairly close to one halfway through the week, lost two of the kittens (we have seven at the moment plus my four cats) for a couple of hours phoned the vets and everything as the boys had left the door open. Found them snug as bugs in the back of the kitchen cupboard. Then the following day managed to catch my thumb in the slide door, lots of blood, bit of a panic but still firmly attatched.
Good news story of the week is that I finally found the owner of the cat I found last week. Seems my poster campaign paid off, despite several of them being torn down, and I recieved a phonecall from the owner. Apparently the cat goes off for two weeks at a time so she hadn't been that concerned at first, it always comes back healthy and well fed so she suspects it has another 'holiday' home somewhere local. So there may be another person out there wondering where she's got to! However all is well that ends well and I'm glad I kept at it!
Suffice to say I'm bloody exhausted. Three of the boys have gone to stay with their Dad and one is out so very quiet this evening with me and the baby. Couple of glasses of wine and I forsee an early night. Haven't really seen the news this week but I understand there are some dangerous cucumbers out there..stay safe people!


  1. brilliant and yes scary stuff always thought salads are dangerous lol

  2. dom absolutly brilliant! xxx