Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I'm fine and I actually mean it.

I'm happy in my darkness.
It does not cause concern for me
I'm never really sad. In grief or pain. 
To me,
Is quiet luxury.
A velvet cloak of empathy,
Allows me space to 
And I feel.
And it's too dark to think.
That empty brain is peaceful.
It's clarity.
Trust me,
When I say I'm fine.
I don't mean it.
I'm more than fine. 
I'm beautiful and I am full of wonder.
You know I love the sun on my skin?
And to dance in the rain and sing?
That's the exact same feeling as closing the doors and staying within.
When I'm scared or sleepless or lost,
I am never afraid.
I'm kind, 
To myself.
Because that's how I get to be kind to you all.

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