Tuesday, 29 January 2013

On my 'to do' list. Change the world, buy a dishwasher, create an Egyptian masterpiece.

Good day to you.

It's been a tough few weeks. New Year didn't go quite as planned...which kind of set the bar. I've needed to but avoided blogging because as you know I do like a positive spin on things and this was challenging even for me.
I managed it though - of course - *smiley face*  #challenge accepted.

In the midst of chaos you will, I  am sure, be pleased to hear that I pulled off another blinding kids costume with only hours notice...Egyptian...headdress and all! Nothing one can't do with a cereal box and a bit of paint. Job done. Happy days.

If only that applied to life and not just last minute fancy dress.

In short....well we'll see how that goes...I have managed to find out more about my fathers side of my family (never met him and it turns out he died in 2004)  in a couple of weeks than I ever knew. Now I just have to do something about it. I would have done something sooner but it's a tricky business announcing yourself to people who may not even know you exist. Luckily, my new brother is pretty damn cool even if he does live in Russia (ooh think there was an opening for a joke there.. cool..Russia? oh the moment's passed) Anyway more on that later...positive spin is I now have filled a few gaps in my life.

In other news...teenagers. Two to be precise, with completely different sets of challenges and a week in my life that was so dark I thought for a moment the sun may never shine again!.
As a parent you want to take their problems and live them yourself so they don't have to. Of course you can't and shouldn't and the upshot is you have to see their sadness and pain and do the best you can.
If there is one thing I have learnt you must ALWAYS trust your instincts. You will kick yourself if you don't. It's difficult because everyone tries to help because they love you and care about you but you have to filter out the advice and the emotion and the noise  to allow a little voice to be heard  that tells you what to do. And  you MUST do it there and then before you get waylaid again with the 'every day' of things.

Also...*stands on soapbox*..  I have had even more confirmation  that there needs to be

1. A complete overhaul of training in schools.
2. Academy status must be got rid of -this is (and you can quote me ) is the demise of the British education system.
3. A holistic approach to health care particularly mental health.

And.. I kid you not....there are still organisations with the power to help children, who rely on typing pools and franking systems and don't use email therefore dragging out a process for 12 months which could have taken three. This is on my 'to do' list and I will sort that eventually once I have re-organised the government, worked out how to untangle fairy lights and bought a new dishwasher.

Yes! All this stress and the dishwasher broke a week before Christmas - now you understand.

So battling on and not letting it get to me, we are back on track ish. I think it's the right track but there may be leaves on the line or flooding or snow. Who knows?
Now I really am waffling, so just quickly I have discovered Instagram recently..it seems to help. I like it. To quote a friend of mine Sasha 'Starting to see the world very differently'

I shall leave you with this a little note I have penned and pinned on the fridge just to remind my five little precious people that we are flippin' awesome!

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