Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Love

I know.
I love.

I love you with all there is.
It fills the space between us,
So there is no in between

No shades.
No pause.
No gaps.
No thought.
Just know,


With no lack of faith, no restraint.
No condition put in place.

I may see you tomorrow, or never again.
You may not be my friend
Or just pretend.

We may have been together, had a chance, spent time as one,
crossed paths or,
shared a glance.

I may not know your name.

Or missed you while I slept
Or crossed the road
Or wept
Or even blinked and missed you once again
And never met.

And still,

I love you. Whoever you love
Why you love them and
How you love them.
This is how
and why,
I love you.

This love
is me.
This love
is you.
It is all there can be,
You cannot lose.

Know love,
That is,
The answer to every question,
The resolve to every issue,
The energy that flows within you.

And the clouds you see,
The trees that shed their leaves and leave the rain behind.

The storm that passes through the pain and lets the sun to shine and warm you in it's wake.

I love,
The dark that brings the cold.
The stars,
in that lost space you find?
Those moments that won't make sense but change your mind?
All of this
Is love.

Every heart,
Beat and breath,
Everything you know.
The world,
The skies, the universe has kept.
It's forgotten maybe but not inept.

The crux,
The way,
It's in your DNA.
Not something you can hold.
You can't possess nor can you find.
It's the light you share with kind.

And you were born
And came
To love the same.
To be love.

It's what you are and what will save.
All that there is and will ever be.
Which means,
That is you,
The same.

Spend time without thought. Just feel, create and be.
For it is only in that moment that you will be truly free,
And holding within you, 
Our destiny.
We are one,
That's you and me.

Know this,
I am,
I love.

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