Saturday, 21 May 2011

Begin at the beginning

Not sure where to start so I just will. Entering the world of blogging is brand new for me, I'm not completely at home on the internet, I like to stay safe and stick to facebook, weather reports, banking and amazon! I have five children and am a single mum. I don't fit the usual stereotype for that last statement and my life is busy, funny, stupid, interesting, cloudy, sunny and never dull. I've been nagged at by several friends to start sharing my 'mini soap operas' with the world and decided I have nothing to lose. I'm assuming that at the least it will be cathartic, I used to write frantically in my diary as a young girl, for years I never missed a day. I've had alot happen over the last couple of years and at thirty eight with four incredible boys and a gorgeous baby girl I have some experiences to share. So watch this space and if it raises a smile at least then I'm happy to have helped.

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