Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cat watch, who spilt the milk of human kindness?

 However, it's 'The Cat' that seems to have taken the spotlight this week.
My neighbours found a very poorly cat in their back garden and thought it was one of mine. Having established that it wasn't one of my darlings I managed to move this clearly distressed cat into a cat basket and we managed to find an all night vet to take a look at it. I honestly didn't think the cat would make it at all. As it turned out the vet said it had been poisoned, apparently cat's like the taste of anti freeze, and they had to just treat the symptoms as it was unlikely they could find the cause. They didn't think she would last the night but she did and throughout the next day continued to make progress. So being the 'kind lady' I can sometimes be, I began to try and find the owner! The cat had no collar and was not chipped but was obviously well cared for. I phoned the local vets, facebooked it, put up posters all over the area and knocked on doors for hours! No luck at all. Still haven't heard anything. Sound silly I know but I'm beginning to be irritated by it. Where is this person and why haven't they realised their cat is missing yet?? What makes it worse is that some of my posters have been ripped up? Who would do that??  Kids maybe? I blame the parents. Well I am going to carry on my crusade to find this cats owner as it's doing well at the moment but the vet can only keep it for 7days and then off to a rescue centre.Decided I would try and do this blog once a week instead of daily, but now the week has gone and I can't remember half of it already! I know that on Tuesday I thought it was Friday, therefore spending the rest of the week feeling hard done by every morning. My washing machine broke down and now is mended,a fairly large drama in it's own right.

As for the rest of the week I did have my first night out since Phoebe was born. Decided to nip up to my friends house for her 40th birthday celebrations. I had the firm intention of having one or two glasses of wine and a nice early night, really I did! Well four hours and several glasses of wine later, there had been much dancing, lots of laughing and a good time had by all! All except Phoebe who fell out of bed when I was out and now has a bruise by her eye! Woke up the next morning feeling remarkably good, but as the day carried on I came to the conclusion that I must have been still drunk in the morning to feel so well and was in bed by half eight!
Half term this week, just lovely not to have the school run looming at me twice a day. Onwards and upwards..

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