Sunday, 22 May 2011

Emo Mum Alert!

Not the best day today... had three hours sleep last night, not sure why, just couldn't sleep. Managed one dream though, it was about combing through the little boys hair to check for lice and I'd made the mistake of putting shampoo on instead of conditioner. Crazy eh? I clearly need to get out more if my dreams are that banal! So, bit of a rubbish day, baby is teething and cried pretty much all day, turns out the only thing that stopped her was fake sneezing (makes her giggle) and malted milk biscuits. With the rest of the brood I took the inconsistent and shouty approach to parenting today even applying a touch of   'sinking to their level' Yep I can do immature responses such as repeating everything they say back to them.... Became responsible adult long enough to take a  trip out to buy food, and Wellies, (field trip tomorrow for my eldest requires them, where is he off to? He doesn't know!!! A river somewhere his reply!!)
It amazes me how I can be super mum one day and less than twenty four hours later be as much use as a deflated balloon with a hole in it. Kids are great though, they were asking me about this blogging business and I said that I was feeling a little down in the dumps so wasn't sure if I would blog at all today, Eldest response, 'Uh oh, Emo Mum Alert'.  Well that's me done, ought to empty washing machine of school uniforms...

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